Shield spell and logo research

Hullo! :)

Now here are two little updates.

  1. We've been working on our shield spell animation! The spell Zoe casts in order to protect her beloved. Each orb represents a hit that would be absorbed, at which point the orb would break.

  2. We've been experimenting with logos to find the right one.

Please feel free to tell us your opinion on these, any input is appreciated! :)

janvier 27, 2018


Hello everyone and best wishes! We've shown you a lot the visual development of Albert+Zoé, but we didn't really explain what it is we're playing!

  1. First of all, Albert+Zoé is a rhythm game and action hybrid where you have to fight dangerous foes. The game is playable on mobile: a tap in the left half of the screen triggers Albert, and a tap in the right half controls Zoé. In the manner of Guitar Hero, you have to follow a score and tap at the right moment to validate a note, but not always...
  2. Tapping a note in Albert's score makes him strike the enemy. Ignoring a note makes Albert parry. Thus, you have to choose wisely which notes to tap to inflict damage to the boss, and which to ignore in order to defend yourself from its attacks.
  3. Zoé has 3 different scores, each one is a spell, chosen before the fight. Tapping enough successive notes in a score launches the corresponding spell. Spells have a cooldown time, and very varied effects: inflict damage, immobilize the enemy, strenghten Albert, etc...
janvier 8, 2018

Spells FX

Hello everyone, we're currently working on visual effects for the various spells of miss Zoé.

décembre 8, 2017

Dialogue system

Right now we'd like to tell you about our very fresh dialogue system. We used a text-like layout (text, like on your phone. That you send. To people), because it's cool. Since we want to put an emphasis on characters' emotions and the lore of our world, large and pretty portraits of characters will pop up when you've made an important decision.

As for the user input, we've been creative.

Albert+Zoe is a rhythm game, but also a love story. We want the player to be emotionally involved in the exchanges between the characters of the game. And so, the player won’t be choosing textual lines for our protagonists. They will be selecting emojis! The chosen reactions will slowly transform the relationship between our two protagonists and impact the outcome of the story.

décembre 4, 2017

Graphics research: steering away from our references

Hi! Today we need your help and I have a question for all of you! We've been recently accused (some social networks I won't name are much more agressive than others) of basically plagiarizing Hyper Light Drifter D: It definitely is a visual reference for our game but never did we intend to copy or clone or plagiarize it in any way. Thus we were quite unsettled by these statements.

What do you think?

After a lot of grumbling Screamy and cursing against afore-not-mentioned social network, we decided to start trying to steer further away from HLD, and so our artists produced some new mockups:

novembre 4, 2017

Psychomagic: a music track

Hey! This time we'd like to present to you the sound of Albert+Zoe, and invite you to listen to a previously unreleased music from the game: Psychomagic!

As a rhythm game, A+Z has an important place for music, and we wanted to extend this even further and completely avoid sound effects: from player feedback to enemy attacks, everything is musical during the fights, and part of an ambience during the dialogues.

The musical style was inspired by the flashy pixel art graphics, which gave birth to powerful effects-rich electronic music, in contrast to the dark medieval-fantasy universe of the game. It tells of magic, the epic adventure of Albert and Zoe and their extraordinary relationship.

Specific influences tint the music according to the environments the protagonists explore, like the shamanic sounds, bells and guttural vocals in this music which accompanies them during a magical trance...

Also, 2 little gifs to show the progress on the animations of our fights: some Albert attacks, and some boss attacks. N.B.: they are not supposed to match this music.

octobre 30, 2017