Crisis on infinite screens

Welp, there's been a litlle freakout within the team \o/

We realised recently that our layout was separating the action from the information (the rhythm marbles), and was preventing everyone from seeing the bosses' and protagonists' animations. Which was sad. So we went looking for new layouts. Some of the propositions stemmed from a very simple propositon: ditching the vertical layout for an horizontal one, on both mobile and desktop (only desktop had horizontal so far). That started a big mockup fight, everyone was condemning or asserting the horizontal layout.

And I watched ._.


Vertical pros:

  • Highlights the road and progress of Albert and Zoé along the story
  • Highlights the boss during fights
  • Dialogues reflect text messaging apps on handheld devices


Horizontal pros:

  • Space for pretty backgrounds
  • Comfortable on handheld devices
  • Enough space for your big clumsy thumbs on handheld devices
  • More space for marble lanes

Also concept of Forges was made. It matches track 31 and it's one of the locations in the game, an important mining town... But more on it another time ;)

Finally, a sneak preview of the ambience track for the dark and mysterious Cairnvagh island...
avril 21, 2018