Emptying the bucket list


Are you ready to fight?

As we're getting ready for the shows we'll be showcasing our game at in April, we've been crossing off a giant amount of tasks (which, for the most part, had been there for months). Our Trello board has become a highway of cards flying and whooshing around, especially from the To Do list to the Done list. So congrats, team!

Also, our sound designer drew a rock.
And he's been boasting about it for a few days.
What actually happened: the graphics team needed some variations on a kind of rock pilar thingie, and they offered the sound designer to take part in the process. And he managed to draw one! Hence his immoderate pride. These rocks, by the way, are part of an environment which we haven't disclosed yet... It is to be a SURPRISE! at the demo's release time.

On another note, we finally got Zoe's third spell's FX! Still not sure what the name is, but it is a powerful spell enabling the player to mash the A key, ignoring the usually compulsory rhythm.

mars 23, 2018