More fury


This past week we've been rushing production of communication stuff. We've settled for a few badges, a lot of flyers (quality ones, psotcard-style), and one kakemono! We've received the bad boy and will be bearing it like a standard during the video game events we'll be showcased at (the Geek Touch and Vide-Grenier du Geek for those who haven't heard us rambling about it). There's also been talk of making a neon sign. That definitely will happen, I will personaly make sure of that, but we've decided there's been enough expenses for now.

There's been further research into the spell FX we posted about last time. Here, the player mashes the A key and that makes Albert hit the enemy with great fury. Still a WIP, but we are getting close!

We've also finally lauched our website \o/ So far we were in a weird state where everything was in place except the landing page. Now it's arrived! Not finished yet, I'm told there will be things moving around and being responsive and stuff. And in order to have a picture heading the Lore section, we quickly drew a map. It looks like a bogey, but I guess that's what a good island is supposed to look like. There's that little ridge connecting a smaller island to the East which I'm a huge fan of. Already started writing a narrative around that place...

Finally (lots of stuff this week actually!), our sound designer produced a... thing. A synthpop thing, reminiscent of some old-school anime openings perhaps. This track at least we know who it's for. But we're not telling you about them yet...

mars 30, 2018