Press kits, events and track 31

This week we've been finalising the website and setting up a press kit, so we don't really have much to show off. But that was all triggered by something pretty awesome for Albert+Zoe: we've been in contact with local video game associations, and we will be a part of: 1 - The paired events Geek Touch and Japan Touch Haru. 2- A science fiction festival, the Intergalactiques, where we'll have a stand at the Vide Grenier du Geek! So we're stocking up on kakemonos, visit cards, flyers and a whole lot of other communications stuff. Also, that's the first time our game will be going public! We must say it feel pretty good to be getting this kind of validation :D so a big shout-out and huge thank you to our friends at AOA Prod and Lyon Game Dev who are giving us this opportunity!
On another note (love puns), our composer went ahead and did a bit of musical research into unexplored parts of Albert+Zoe's world. Since nobody knows what this track is yet, let's just call it track 31 for now. Still, an anvil felt right to our artists.
mars 17, 2018