Surprise at the Japantouch

Albert+Zoé just took one a giant step /o/ So we went to the Japan Touch Haru a bit timidly, not expecting anything but maybe misunderstanding from everyone, like "What the f is this game?". But we quickly realised things were not going as we had imagined. We actually got the warmest welcome, got great feedback and a lot of people who tried the demo instantly liked it! It was a big suprise for us and warmed our heart. We went home tired but with a smile ear to ear and a tear in the eye. We also won the Pitch Your Game contest, which in return allowed us to get in touch with some important people, who are going to help us! We are currently processing all the feedback we got at the event, and we'll make the demo publicly available when evey comment we got will be integrated.

Now here's the demo video we had playing on a loop during the event.

avril 14, 2018