The Team

Hi! Previously, we briefly presented the concept of Albert+Zoe, but we didn't tell you who's behind it: Simon Stefanelli, Sacha Holsnyder and Nathanaël Tardif, aka Appeau Studio! A name born for Albert+Zoe, and which will outlive it for later projects.

Originally, we are three friends and have been sharing our passion for video game development during game jams. As our skills revealed themselves to be complementary, we decided to start developping our own, more ambitious, concepts.

Nathanaël brings his programming and art knowledge, Sacha writes music and takes part in the programming, and Simon steps in on the art, the narration and the game design. We spend a lot of time discussing together the decisions we make in each of these domains. The advice of others allows us to rethink some ideas or validate them.

Below you'll find some links to learn more about Appeau Studio and its members.

Personal pages:

Social media: @appeau_studio Facebook page

octobre 13, 2017